Contact & directions

Our European head office, boutique and showroom are located in the centre of Strasbourg from where we manage and organise wholesale deliveries across the Eurozone.

Our head office location is within easy reach to several Europan countries: For example, the border of Luxembourg can be reached to the northwest by car in two hours (219km) while the border of Belgium can be reached in about two and a half hours (247km).

To the northeast, The Netherlands is a 4-hour (377km) drive through Germany and Belgium. Czechoslovakia can also be reached in four hours (432km) with the Polish border after a further three hours (310km) drive and in all 743km from Strasbourg.

To the South, the Swiss border town of Basel can be reached in one and a half hours (145km). Further south, the Italian border is 4½ hours (425km) from Strasbourg. The Austrian border is about three hours (247km) southeast of Strasbourg.

The German border is a mere five minutes by car from our head office.

Our US distribution office is situated in McAllen, Texas. Our office in Madagascar is located in Sambava, which is the centre of the SAVA region and where much of the country's vanilla trade as well as countless other seasonal and fresh agricultural products are sourced directly from various smallholder farmers and cooperatives.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to assist you with your wholesale requests in Europe, USA and elsewhere.