About Lébélaki

My name is Tchonda Bernardin Lébélaki and I am the owner and founder of LÉBÉLAKI, a producer and wholesaler of natural spices and flavourings, such as vanilla, peppers, clove, cacao as well as essential oils.

It all began a long time ago. Since a young age, I have always been curious and interested in nature.

Growing up in the countryside with my father who became a farmer in his retirement years and spending much time with him learning how to cultivate land was my childhood happiness. I kept my curiosity while growing up which turned into a passion and later my profession.

Today, we collaborate with over three hundred small-scale farmers in Madagascar. We work together with a single objective, for a green Madagascar. It is no longer a dream that we are doing our best to improve the environment day by day, providing tree nurseries, and cultivating and caring for its young plants to become the trees that will watch over us in the future.

Our goal is sustainable development, which our children and their children can enjoy. To achieve this, we promote the education of young people to respect nature by passing on our experiences and know-how. We do not only educate the young but also ourselves to find solutions to problems that we encounter. We regularly invite specialists in agriculture and agronomy to advise and train our partners and us in sustainable farming methods.

Contrary to single-crop mass agricultures in developed nations, it is the small-scale farmers who characterise and dominate Madagascar's agricultural lands and who hold the greatest potential to make a difference to the environment.

By sourcing agricultural products exclusively from small-scale farmers whose cultivation methods do not use artificial fertilisers and pesticides, we hope to positively impact the ecosystem. It is important to support these farmers because, not only can they collectively help protect the environment in which they operate, they typically return profits to their communities most equitably.

We offer a wide range of biological and ethically sourced crops with environmental, social and sustainability goal and values, which is beneficial to everyone because a favourable ecosystem is all we need to feed ourselves and others on our planet.